Auckland Skin Clinic use only natural medicines to treat skin conditions. We get to the root cause of your skin problem and the triggers that make it worse.

Triggers may include diet, lifestyle, hormones, stress, infections, toxins or damage to the skin. We do a treatment plan that deals with the underlying cause of the problem, while relieving symptoms – without doing any harm.

We help you to break the ‘inflammatory cycle’ by treating the underlying cause of the inflammation, supporting your immune system and giving you guidelines on what triggers to avoid. It is a process of education and transformation that puts the power back into your hands. We don’t want to create a dependency on medicinal products. Our aim is to teach you how to manage your own skin condition in the long term.

Auckland Skin Clinic uses only high quality ‘Practitioner-Only’ products that are completely natural and evidence-based. Our topical products are pleasant to use. They contain no harmful chemicals and are considered safe for dermatological use, especially on sensitive skin. The creams, ointments, gels and lotions are made especially for your skin condition.

Registered Medical Herbalist and Founder of Auckland Skin Clinic, Debbie Walsh, has trained with Professor Michael Tirant (Ph.D.) of the Psoriasis and Skin Clinic in Australia, to give you access to his highly successful protocols and products.

Dr Tirant has spent more than 30 years researching and specialising in ‘Integrative Dermatology’. He develops products and protocols to treat the most persistent skin conditions. His products have been clinically trialled with proven high success rates.

Debbie designs treatment plans using Natural Medicine, Integrative Dermatology principles, and Dr Tirant’s “Treatment Protocols.”

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Integrative Dermatology Success

Treatment at Auckland Skin Clinic is based on proven scientific research. Dr Michael Tirant’s products (‘Dr Michael’s’ range) and protocols have achieved a 90% success rate in treating psoriasis.

Numerous clinical trials have been conducted on Dr Tirant’s products in Europe, evidencing a high success rate in even the most stubborn chronic skin conditions. The Dr Michael’s range has proven successful in treating many skin conditions including Eczema, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Acne, Vitiligo, Ichthyosis, Pityriasis, Urticaria (hives), Generalised Pruritis (itching), Fungal and Nail conditions.


The Celtic Knot in Gaelic symbolism represents the timeless nature of our spirit, because we cannot see a beginning or an end. The Celtic symbol with four points represent Physical, Spiritual, Social and Emotional wellbeing – all being equally important in the pursuit of optimal health. The circle in the centre of our logo represents holism, the core principle of natural medicine – treating the person as a whole rather than the sum of all parts.