Debbie understands the frustration and embarrassment of dealing with a chronic skin condition. She suffered from psoriasis for 8 years before being introduced to Dr Tirant’s methods.

As a Researcher, Qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist herself, Debbie had tried many methods to try and heal her skin, including some conventional medicines. Within three months of using Dr Tirant’s protocols her psoriasis went into remission. Debbie was determined to make these amazing products and protocols available to more New Zealanders.

Debbie Walsh started studying natural medicine when her children were young. Her disabled son faced many health challenges. Debbie soon discovered that her son thrived when taking a holistic approach using diet, herbal medicines and supplements, with no pharmaceutical drug intervention.

After completing her Bachelor of Natural Medicine in 2014 Debbie started a general naturopathy practice while also working part-time as a Researcher for an Auckland-based naturopathic clinic and supplement company. Her passion for research-based practice was born.

Her decision to specialise in skin came about after her experience with treating her own skin. She wanted to focus completely on supporting people with dermatological conditions due to an awareness of the need for safe, effective treatments for these conditions in New Zealand.

Since starting Auckland Skin Clinic Debbie has been overwhelmed with support from people seeking help with their skin. She is humbled by how willing people are to make the lifestyle changes necessary to heal their skin.