Karen joined Auckland Skin Clinic as an Office Manager and has since completed training as a Certified Janesce Skin Therapist.

Karen commenced her Naturopathic Studies in Auckland at the South Pacific College of Natural Therapies, completing her Diploma in 1993 with The Queensland Institute of Natural Therapies.

Karen has had a keen interest in natural medicine since her youth, influenced by her family who have been running a Naturopathic Consulting Clinic for over four decades.

Karen ran a small part-time clinic in South Australia and has worked for Comvita and Natural Therapies in the Bay of Plenty. She also has extensive experience in massage therapy and as a Chiropractic Assistant.

As a Certified Janesce Skin Therapist, Karen does holistic skin assessments and gives expert advice on the Janesce Organic Skincare range. Here she incorporates her holistic skincare training with her background in natural medicine.

Karen is passionate about supporting our patients at Auckland Skin Clinic on their health journeys. Her warmth and professional manner put people at ease, ensuring a positive and dignified experience from start to finish. 

Karen says: “I was thrilled to witness the success that Debbie was/is having with her clients. I simply felt drawn to be a part of this service when the opportunity arose. I’m very humbled & excited to be a part of this success story. ”