I attended Auckland Skin Clinic in December 2019 while holidaying in Auckland. I had been suffering from itchy scalp and dry pink patches on the rear of my scalp for almost a year. This condition had come out of blue and I had no idea what the problem was. I attended my GP on several occasions and was prescribed various shampoos and lotions. The problem was that when the condition improved and I stopped using the lotion, the itchy pink dry scalp returned. I was very frustrated and downhearted over this as I couldn’t seem to get rid of it.

Debbie prescribed natural medication and topical products for scalp psoriasis. This was in conjunction with dietary measures which I did my best to take on board. The medication was to be taken for the duration of three months.

I have since finished the course of medication and have consulted Debbie for advice going forward and I’m happy to say that my scalp is now free of itch and dry pink patches. I’m absolutely delighted and very grateful to Debbie and Auckland Skin Clinic for giving me a treatment plan that worked!!

T Kerr, Ireland 2020