As an 18-year-old female, I was very self-conscious of my problematic skin. I had suffered for around three years with bad skin and was desperate for answers. I was very aware that I wanted to go natural and stay away from any harsh products that could further damage my skin and that’s when I came across Auckland Skin Clinic online. Debbie was very supportive, and she identified that I suffered from perioral dermatitis. From there Debbie was able to help me figure out the root cause of my perioral dermatitis and the triggers that made it worse.  The treatment plan was holistic, looking at many aspects of my lifestyle and health. Debbie was then able to make me a personalised cream for perioral dermatitis. This cream worked a miracle! I very quickly saw results. I really like that Debbie can cater to the specific needs of each person’s skin, lifestyle and health. I am very satisfied with my results from the Auckland Skin Clinic and know that I will return here for any other skin concerns.

Jessica P, Waikato 2019