Miliaria or heat rash results from the plugging or rupture of sweat ducts in hot, humid climates. It can occur at any age and is common in over-clothed infants. It can present as Miliaria crystalline with tiny, clear, non-inflamed spots that look like dew on the skin; as Miliaria rubra with tiny inflamed and very itchy spots; or Miliaria profundal with large, inflamed and sometimes painful pustules.

The Auckland Skin Clinic approach

Treatment of Miliaria at Auckland Skin Clinic involves the use of safe, topical agents and body washes to help relieve the symptoms, cool the skin and reduce inflammation. Oral herbal products may be used to help reduce inflammation and infection. Contributing nutrient deficiencies, underlying conditions, dietary, environmental and lifestyle triggers are also identified and addressed.

At Auckland Skin Clinic, we’re aware that having a chronic skin disorder can be very frustrating, embarrassing and depressing. We are also aware that it often requires some major effort on your part to change your habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle. We do our best to ensure your emotional wellbeing is supported throughout this process.