“When I contacted Debbie I was at an all-time low, a first time mother with a chronic skin infection. My dermatologist advised a course of Tetracycline but as I was breastfeeding this was not an option for me. After months of struggling, and multiple courses of antibiotics, I had just about given up on ever having clear skin again as every time I would cease taking the medication my skin would flare again.

Debbie was so thorough, she took a full medical history and incorporated her treatment plan with that of the doctors and gradually weaned me off the antibiotics. Most importantly for me, Debbie’s treatment did not interfere with me breastfeeding my baby. Six months later my skin is glowing. The treatment was gentle but effective. I have my confidence back and most importantly I am pain free. I cannot recommend Auckland Skin Clinic highly enough!”

Rachel B, 2018