Kia ora. I am a specialist teacher of technology and I live in South Auckland. I’ve been working with Debbie on some pretty bad skin issues. I’ve been on a learning journey but my wellbeing and my skin are vastly improved.

I knew I hadn’t been eating correctly and it felt like my body packed up after we experienced a hot spell at the end of our New Zealand summer. My body was covered in what appeared to be a rash. It was red and it was unrelenting. I was super hot and didn’t feel comfortable in my own body, to the point where I couldn’t sleep. I scratched and was agitated 24/7.

This affected all areas of my life. I couldn’t eat properly as I was feeling nauseous from most foods. After my third night of sleeplessness and a day off work I visited my doctor who was just as perplexed as I was. I was given antihistamines and a fungal cream to try over the weekend but neither worked.

Going into my eighth day of turmoil and desperation I searched for a naturopath who specialised in skin conditions. I saw Debbie in the morning and had made an appointment with my doctor in the afternoon.

Debbie seemed to understand what was happening to me. She put a fan on me which helped make me feel comfortable enough to hear what she was saying. I took onboard everything that she said. I basically changed my diet, my water intake and got rid of chemicals in my life. This set my body up to be able to cope with the skin problems I was experiencing.

I also applied two topicals and took three naturopathic medications that she recommended. These helped alleviate the itchiness improve my wellbeing. Within 24 hours I had six hours sleep and my sleep only improved from there. My skin is doing great and my wellbeing is comfortable and happy.

I still went to the doctor’s appointment in the afternoon and after a second doctor viewed me they decided it was ‘folliculitis’. They prescribed a course of antibiotics and a topical steroid. I never filled that prescription and instead chose to work with Debbie.

Working with Debbie has allowed me to better understand my body, but more importantly it’s natural, it’s up to me and it works. I intend to work with Debbie long term to improve my wellbeing and the wellbeing of my whanau.

S Brown, Auckland 2019